A weekend full of entertainment, specialty vendors, and more!

Enjoy a jam-packed weekend full of live music, entertainment, games, trivia, and more from some of our top vendors!

Check out our full schedule of events below, as well as our wide range of options for places to visit while at our 2022 Man Expo!

Friday, June 3

Military and First Responders Appreciation Day

4pm               Open/Sing National Anthem-Jennifer Wood US Veterans Corps
5:30pm          Donut Eating Contest
6pm               2 Guys Named Chris
7pm               One 40 a Tribute to U2 Band
8pm               Close

Saturday, June 4

10am            Open
11am            Wrestling Match from GOUGE
12pm            Battle of the Beards
12:30pm       Social House Vodka Bar Fight Semi Finals
1pm              KIX Cornhole Tournament
1:30pm         Wrestling Match from GOUGE
2pm              Bar Trivia
3pm              Social House Vodka Bar Fight Finals
4pm              Wrestling Match from GOUGE
5pm              Close

Sunday, June 5

Family Day

11am           Open
11:30am       Bar Trivia
12:30pm       Wrestling Match from GOUGE
1:30pm         Donut Eating Contest
2:30pm         Wrestling Match from GOUGE
3:00pm         Donut Eating Contest
4pm               Wrestling Match from GOUGE
5pm               Close