A Spice Above

A Spice Above was founded in 2009, and its mission is derived from the commitment to create products that are second to none. They carry over 100 different varieties of all-natural gourmet products!

M&D Gifts, LLC

M&D Gifts LLC distributes for Virginia Peanut Company. They have up to 18 different flavors of gourmet peanuts. These make great gifts and Dad's love them!

Mike D's BBQ

Mike D's BBQ is an award-winning line of signature BBQ sauces and all-purpose dry rubs. The sauces use unique seasoning and various spice levels.

Michae's Exotic Peppers

Michael Flint's Exotic Peppers are flavorful and spicy hot sauces that will leave you wanting more. "Guaranteed!"

Passante's Home food service

Passanante's Home Food Service offers a full line of top quality, chemically purer gourmet foods delivered right to your door. Their food delivery program is fully customizable for you and your family's size, budget, taste, and lifestyle.

Rising Soke Sauceworks

With 26 national awards, Rising Smoke Sauceworks has developed many different tasty and delightful ways to punish and please your tongue. Find your favorite flavor, and start to savor!

The Butcher's Market

The prime focus of this father/ son team is to offer quality products at a fair price and deliver it with unmatched hospitality in a convenient and fun shopping environment.

Boar and Castle Sauce

Originally created for butter steak sandwiches, this mouth-watering sauce was soon poured on burgers, fries, onion rings, and chicken by restaurant patrons. Today, that beloved restaurant & drive-in that served three generations is gone. But that original one of a kind flavor is alive in every bottle of Boar and Castle® sauce.

Campus Gas

Owned and Operated by Wake Forest University Alumni, this 1960’s Historic Gas Station has been renovated into a modern Bar & Grill.

454 Grill

Listed as one of the top 26 food trucks in the Triangle, 454 Grill serves some of the best sandwiches and melts around. This team has been in the food industry for over 15 years and found the origin of the food truck's name "454 Grill" by completely rebuilding the entire Chevy 454 Big Block engine!

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